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K.C. Finn

Deception & Consequences is a work of fiction in the romance, suspense, thriller, and interpersonal drama genres. It is more suitable for mature adult readers with strong language and sexual scenes throughout. Penned by author Marcy Bialeschki, this is a gripping tale of romance, danger, and family secrets. Aria Donaldson's vacation romance with Simon Longoria in St. Lucia turns into a nightmare when she becomes entangled with Deuce Halprin, a menacing figure intent on wreaking havoc on her family. As Aria's childhood nightmares start manifesting, she suspects Simon's involvement, plunging her into a world of peril. Amidst the chaos, she finds solace and love in Mac Brunner, but their relationship is tested as they uncover dark family secrets protected by Deuce Halprin.

Author Marcy Bialeschki's thrilling romantic read is filled with twists and turns to keep readers on their toes throughout. Aria's journey from a carefree vacationer to a woman facing life-threatening danger builds with some fantastic pacing and a great command of the different strands of the plot, bringing together her emotional and romantic journeys in between the nightmarish thriller elements. Bialeschki masterfully crafted a suspenseful atmosphere in every aspect, from the moody, tense settings that match the tone of the most harrowing moments to the bold, visceral descriptions of the characters themselves. The chemistry between Aria and Mac is evident in every word of their dialogue. The exploration of family dynamics is equally well-handled with emotional sensitivity and dialogue that allows you to read between the lines without ever being spoon-fed the feelings of the cast. Overall, Deception & Consequences is a captivating read that I would certainly recommend to romance and thriller fans everywhere.

Jennifer Ibiam

Deception & Consequences by Marcy Bialeschki follows a realtor named Aria Donaldson. Aria and her brother, Manny, visited St. Lucia to honor their parents’ memory because that’s where they died. Distracted from the purpose of her visit, Aria fell hard for Simon Longoria when he turned on the charm. He was supposedly a banker, handsome, and everything perfect, but little did she know he wore a mask. Simon worked for a sex trafficking ring headed by Deuce Halprin, who was hell-bent on getting Aria. However, she discovered his obsession went beyond wanting to traffic her. Deuce and the Halprins have a personal vendetta against the Donaldsons in a feud that started one generation before. Aria’s life and everything she loves are on the line, and it gets worse when a third and more dangerous player steps in.

Deception & Consequences by Marcy Bialeschki is the perfect book for lovers of mystery stories. It centers on love, heartbreak, romance, survival, bravery, and sacrifice. It also shows the reader that shiny packages may carry a death warrant. This is a fast-paced novel laced with suspense and intrigue. The twists and turns felt like layers, and I enjoyed the surprises. I loved the plot and character development, even though Aria annoyed me many times. She should have been a little cynical and not so headstrong and trusting, but that’s life. Mac was my favorite character as I felt every emotion he expressed. Manny didn’t deserve such a fate, and I couldn’t believe Veech and Pickett. Wow! I was indifferent about Maria and Simon, but the thought of a Tre and Calysta team gives me the chills. I await the second volume. In the end, our choices can make or mar generations after us.

Christian Sia

Deception & Consequences by Marcy Bialeschki is not your run-of-the-mill romance but a tale that explores crime, betrayal, and family secrets. Set against a picturesque background in St. Lucia, the story follows Aria Donaldson's journey from a carefree vacation romance to a harrowing battle against sinister forces determined to destroy her family. The narrative begins with Aria's encounter with Simon Longoria, a charming stranger whose allure hides a darker agenda. Little does Aria know that this fleeting romance will entangle her in a web of deceit orchestrated by the enigmatic Deuce Halprin, a man with a sinister reputation and a deep-seated vendetta against her family. She doesn’t know that the man who awoke her sexual urges will become the enemy who hires someone to assassinate her. As Aria's idyllic vacation takes a dark turn, she finds herself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, where the stakes are life and death.

The characters are rock solid from Aria to Mac Brunner, whose growing affection for Aria leads to more danger, to Deuce Halprin, a master at convincing people crime is the way to get what they want in the world. The characters come to life in this intriguing tale of romance. Deuce Halprin is so well-written that readers will loathe everything about him. He is vicious, the leader of a sex-trafficking ring, and kills to protect his family’s secret. Tess, Aria's dying grandmother, is a wise mentor figure, imparting cryptic premonitions that set the stage for Aria's journey of self-discovery. Manny, Aria's protective brother, is another likable character, while characters like Kellen and Officer Pickett provide a sense of camaraderie and support. Marcy Bialeschki plots like a pro, creating a sense of urgency and impending danger in each chapter as Aria and Mac race against time to uncover the truth behind Deuce Halprin's sinister machinations. From heart-pounding chase scenes to intense confrontations, the narrative grows in tension until the climax. Deception & Consequences is written in exquisite prose, featuring extraordinary characters and a conflict that steers the story in unexpected directions and contains excellent doses of family drama and intrigue.

Romuald Dzemo

Deception & Consequences by Marcy Bialeschki is a tale of intrigue, danger, and romance. Aria Donaldson's seemingly idyllic vacation in St. Lucia quickly becomes a nightmare when she meets Simon Longoria, whose charm masks a sinister connection to Deuce Halprin, a man bent on destroying her family. As Aria struggles with the haunting memories of a prophetic dream from her childhood, she finds herself in a dangerous situation that forces her to confront hidden family secrets and navigate a web of deception. The story opens with a disturbing encounter between Aria and her dying grandmother, Tess. Tess's cryptic yet urgent revelations about their shared prophetic dreams create a foreboding atmosphere that permeates the entire narrative. This young woman must unravel family secrets while figuring out how to stay alive.

The whirlwind romance between Simon and Aria is wonderfully crafted. The author does
a great job of transforming Simon into a mysterious character, one who frightens Aria.
The juxtaposition of her passionate yet doomed affair and current predicament
highlights her flawed nature and makes readers sympathize with her. The tension builds
up as deeper layers of deceit are uncovered and vicious characters like Halprin are
developed. Marcy Bialeschki has a knack for crafting characters that are
multidimensional and captivating. The scenes are focused and imbued with tension.
Readers will read with bated breath about Aria’s escape from Simon’s unreliable
associate, hired to kill her. The connection between Deputy Mac Brunner and Aria will
also interest readers as they follow the story to the pulsating climax. Deception &
Consequences is a breathtaking romance seasoned with family secrets, drama, and
intrigue. It is well-plotted and delivered with flair and beauty. From the gorgeous writing
to the exceptionally well-written characters, this novel packs an emotional punch.

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