Hello Everyone!

For those of you who know me, you know this wonderful ride I’m on right now is a dream come true. I’ve been writing my entire life, and now, so unexpectedly, I’m receiving some attention and recognition.

Writing truly is a labor of love. It’s frustrating, challenging, exhilarating, mind-blowing, and everything in between. It’s not easy, and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. If that were the case, I would have been a millionaire decades ago. Instead, writers like me write to release creative energy that we can neither suppress nor control. Our minds never rest, so we always need an outlet for our creative gifts. It’s not mandatory that others recognize our talent, but it sure is nice.

New Release


Constantly battling the powerful and evil Deuce Halprin, Aria and Mac fall in love as they work to expose Aria’s ominous family secrets. The reader walks away reassured that deception does, indeed, have consequences. However, the ending of the book is not the end of their battle when future conflict is teased in a cryptic message.

A Word From The Author

Over the years, I have filled numerous notebooks with character sketches and plot ideas. I’ve collected lists of synonyms, adjectives, and unique words I thought I would need somewhere, someday. But aside from writing, I’ve made jewelry, Christmas ornaments, various crafts, and so much more. It doesn’t matter what I’m making; it’s always the artistic expression and the creativity that counts.

My point here is to do things that make you happy. Find outlets for your creative talents. If you are true to your creative soul, it will reward you. It may not be a monetary reward, and it may not be fame, but it will be a kind of self-satisfaction that soothes and sustains your passion.

What Readers Are Saying

See some reviews from Amazon.

This book captivated my attention and didn’t let it go! I loved the twists and the unpredictability. I have to add I was expecting a typical cliche ending, but that is Not what you get here! Definitely worth a read, and it won’t take you long, because you won’t put it down until you’re finished! I’m so excited to start reading the next one!

Sarah Spence

Intriguing and Unpredictable! A Great Read!

Excellent book .could not put it down…loved the characters! I’m anxiously waiting for more books in this series. The author keeps you engaged throughout the book. I would highly recommend to all readers .Tastefully sexy ,very intriguing. Well written.

Kim sims

Awesome read

Can’t wait to read the next one! This book had me hooked from the first few pages. It has unexpected twists and turns and even when I wanted to put it down I couldn’t!

Makenzie Aubert

Great Book!

I couldn’t stop reading. Even when I had to stop, I would constantly keep wondering what was going to happen next. The perfect mix of romance/mystery/action all packed into one book! I can’t wait for the next book! THANK YOU Marcy 🙂

Elizabeth Kryzanski


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