The Dirty Details

Oh, Manny, I Underestimated You

Never in a million years did I think Manny Donaldson would become one of the most beloved characters in The Vengeance Series. Sure, I like Manny. He’s the typical boy next door. To me, though, he’s a bit too nerdy and has a horrible case of the aholics- work and alcohol. He’s a man who’s let problems consume him, and there’s no room for anything else.

I see Manny as attractive in a ‘lazy frat boy’ kinda way. He’s got a little too much curly dark hair that bounces when he walks and he occasionally has to shove it out of his eyes with his hand. Even though he was a business man in Milwaukee and now a Federal Agent, Manny’s wardrobe consists of t-shirts and jeans. You could say, Manny keeps it casual.

So, there’s nothing special about Manny at all, but early on it became quite clear that he was developing a significant fan following. Again, I did not intend for that to happen at all. It just goes to show that the rich, sexy bad boy and the athletic, good looking sheriff’s deputy aren’t everyone’s type. Lesson learned!

Maria Callahan certainly knew Manny’s charm, but he never got past the fact that she was his little sister’s bossy best friend. I’ll give it to him. I’m sure throughout their time growing up, he had ample opportunities to take advantage of Maria’s infatuation with an unscrupulous one-nighter here and there, but he never did. Was he a true gentleman or just truly uninterested? Some light is shed on this question toward the end of Deception & Consequences. You be the judge regarding the final outcome.

Looking back, I see it now. I see his seemingly free and easy style is secretly tortured by his constant need to help everyone he loves even if it sacrifices his happiness. His selflessness is part of his charm. His steadfast focus is part of his sexy alure that kind of sneaks up on you. Or, I think some people would argue, Manny is exactly their type, and they had a thing for him right from the start. Either way– Long Live Manny the silent charmer of Deception & Consequences.

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